Monday, November 10, 2008

You know they are getting big when......

It is a first.....and I don't like it. This means she is getting older!

Sam is currently lying in my bed "scared" from the storm. Sometimes I wish she didn't know words like "scare". I put her to bed when minutes later I hear little footsteps and this sweet little voice saying, "Mommy, scare me." It was precious. I put her back to bed and tried to explain to her that there was nothing to be scared about.....that God gave us rain and lightning and thunder. She was so sweet and let me leave. But, it wasn't but a minute later that I hear, "lightning scare me." OK, why do I tell her words like that....umph?

She is finally nodding off after several threats of sending her back to her bedroom.

My Sami is growing up.......things like storms scare her now.....they once were a sweet blessing of extra sleep.

On a different brother and SIL are currently in the hospital possibly having their baby. She is in labor though maybe only very early labor so we are still waiting to see if they will keep her! I can't wait to meet my new nephew, Carson (I'm not going to tell you his middle name) Mullins.

Not much to post on the personal front. This weekend was pretty lame as far as posts go.....lots of laziness, which means we enjoyed spending time with one another.

Oh, you can still be praying for Sam.....she is still complaining of her stomach hurting. We have taken her back for her blood draw and are awaiting those results. I had to reschedule the ultrasound so we don't have any info from that yet. I will let you know if we find anything out. I feel bad for my poor girl.

I am getting excited about the holiday season. I think I have prepared enough in advance that the busyness of the season won't spoil the true celebration. Can't wait to enjoy some time with the fam! (we will be missing one crew though and I am truly sad!)

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Jenna said...

Isn't it sad? Aidah started the "I scared!" talk about two months ago. I feel like part of her innocence is now gone. I'll be praying for Sam's little tummy!

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