Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, still no baby.....just thought you might be wondering.

Whew....this week has been a beating! All I can figure out is that Sam feels so crummy. She is still complaining that her tummy hurts 3-4 times daily. She has been SO incredibly fussy.....wanting me to hold her and take her to the bathroom......stuff that just isn't like her. On top of that, she has had an especially hard week without Daddy. She is typically all about Daddy when he is here but once he leaves she doesn't really ask about him much. Last night alone she woke up two times yelling for "Daddy."

OH and speaking of last night......I got to be up from 2am until was simply fantastic. I don't know what was going on....(except that she doesn't feel good) but she just screamed for like 30 minutes! Once I got her down, Spencer woke up and had no intention of going back to sleep! AAAHHHHHH! Praying tonight will be better!

Aren't they precious!

Sam has her very own live dress up doll!

Poor Maddie! She's such a good sport!

Yesterday I spent some time making squash for Little Man. I am so amazed at how easy it is, how much money we save AND that it is better for him! It really is easy. When I was making food for Sam, I found these little 4oz containers at the dollar store. There were like 10 for a $1 and they have been PERFECT! It is even easier this time around because Josh's grandma gave us a Bullet for Christmas last year! I only put 2 oz in them this time because he won't eat that much at first and then I froze them. I made 20 of these and the squash cost me $4.40. That means I paid $.22 a jar.....not a bad deal! (and NO trip to the store! WOOHOO) They run approximately $.99 a jar at the store.

From this.....

To this......

To this!
Do you see all that blonde hair? It's a little hard to see in this pic but his hair is growing back blonde!

Oh ya....isn't it annoying when you have something in your teeth in public and NO ONE tells you? WELL, it is equally annoying when you make a stupid mistake like putting IX when you should have put IV and no one tells you. If you noticed and said nothing....shame on you!


Jenna and Mosin Haider said...

I made all of Aidah's babyfood until she was on table food. Definitely check out They have EVERYTHING, including teething busquit recipes. Its fun and cheap! Oh, and my father-in-law works for the USDA, anything that you make at home is going to be 20x more healthy and fresh than what was used in Gerber babyfood (don't even get me started on the meats!). I am IN LOVE with that pic of Maddie with the hat on her! Too adorable. Hope you get some sleep. I can't b/c of the mouse! Eeek.

Kimberly said...

I made all of the girls food as well (even traveled on airplanes with frozen veggie cubes). So much cheaper and so easy. I don't know why more people don't do it. I couldn't picture giving the girls brown goop that was supposed to be green beans. I love wholesomebabyfood as well. That's where I got all my tips. They will now eat anything (surprises me sometimes) and I wonder if it's because of the homemade baby food.

Your new dog is great. She acts like Chelsea. Is she a lab as well?

Jenna and Mosin Haider said...

Kimberly, I can answer that question! (She's our former dog.) Maddie is half black lab/half golden retriever. She got the golden look with the lab coat. She's gorgeous.

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