Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today has certainly been interesting.....I will get to that later.

I wanted to apologize to those of you who are faithful readers. I needed a blog break. I was burnt out and just needed a breather! I know I don't write all that often but sometimes I just feel obligated and so uninteresting and it just stresses me out! That said, I am back.

I have been meaning to post about Saturday night since then but, like I said, I needed a break. This past Saturday was the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. We were walking in honor of a 4 year old little girl, Jordan Flint, who is battling Leukemia. Unfortunately she was in the hospital and wasn't able to come. She has been having a really hard time this past week and I would love it if you would just lift up a little prayer for her. She is really enduring soooo much and it breaks my heart.

(there's me and Sam in the middle. to the right is my Mom. on the far left are Jordan's parents)

The walk was absolutely amazing. Team Jordan had 125 walkers! WoW! That is incredible. We were THE biggest team there. Team Jordan raised $45,058! Can you believe that.......ONE team!

Our family was a little nutso. We brought both of our kiddos and Mom & Dad brought 4 other grand kids with us. Needless to say it got a little crazy at times! 6 kids, 4 do the math!

I have still been doing a little crafting.....just on a roll I guess.....I get like that.....I get in moods and run with it for a bit. I have some things I still need to take pictures of but here is one of the latest creations. Have you ever heard of BabyLegs? They are basically just leg warmers but they are so cute. You can put them on a baby to make diaper changes much easier than pants. You can put them in BabyLegs to keep their little knees protected while crawling. You can also use them for bigger kiddos (like Sam) as tights! There are numerous ways to use them but I think one of my favorites......on my arms. you can where a T and then pull these up under them and it looks like you have on a long sleeve shirt under the T! SO COOL! (and easy to remove if you get HOT!) ANYWAY, I made some! Aren't they cute. There are so many cute knee high socks available right now so I am taking advantage! (that's all you need....a pair of knee high socks and a sewing machine!)

Yesterday I got the crud.....whatever is going around....and it was no cold.....the other stuff! YUCK! Thankfully all is better today! Sam got lots of TV time yesterday! What do ya do with a 2 year old when you're in bed all day?

As for today......UGH! First off, I was giving the kids a bath.....actually, Sam was in the bath and I was about to put Spencer in when something spooked the dog. She ran right over Spence.....I mean paw on the chest and all! Little Man has a perfect paw mark left from her claws right in the middle of his chest! Of course I freaked.....broken ribs?.....punctured lung? name it.....whatever horrible stuff I could think of! This is a HUGE dog pouncing on a 17 lb baby ya know! Drama aside, I think everything is fine. I kept pushing on his chest all day to make sure he wouldn't scream.....I'm sure he really appreciated that.

Preface: Sam got a massive, nasty blister on her ankle on Halloween night.

After getting Sam out of the tub I started drying her off when all of a sudden, she flipped out! Stink! I accidentally scraped the scab off from her blister. It started bleeding again and apparently from her reaction was quite painful! It was seriously an ordeal all day. This girl doesn't let you forget about stuff like that.

Later, she was playing outside when I heard a scream.....not one of those....I'm fine, I'm just whining screams but the scream that makes you run! When I got to her, I found her pants hung at the crotch on the horseshoe stake in our backyard. She was on her hands and feet with her behind in the air. I actually started laughing because the sight was quite amusing!

I got her unhooked.....not in any hurry until she started going crazy.......screaming, " BUG, BUG, BUG". I couldn't figure out what she meant. I was looking all around and I didn't see anything. She kept grabbing her feet and saying, "BUG, BUG, BUG." Finally I looked back over at the area where her hands and feet had been and it was swarming with fire ants. I flipped up her pants and there were ants crawling on her feet. I stripped her down and made sure they were all gone but they had already bit all over her hands and feet. POOR GIRL! I got her inside and they just started swelling up so big. I made a baking soda and water paste and covered each bite. It seemed to kill the swelling, the itch and the sting! WOOHOO!

After we got inside, I was filling up her sippy when she started going nuts again.....screaming, "BUG, BUG, BUG" again! I kept reassuring her that I got all the bugs off her and that everything was fine. Once she backed up I was able to see a bee lying on the kitchen floor, not yet dead but heading that way! SERIOUSLY! This poor girl has had a rough day!

And I leave you with this..................


Kimberly said...

Those leg things are too cute. Wish we had those when the girls were learning to crawl.

Didn't know you were a sewer. I need help sometime if you have time or desire.

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh! Sounds like you had an insane day!! Goodness...

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