Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall stuff

I have been trying to get a post up but for some reason I have had trouble uploading pics. Ugh! This a long post with a bunch of pictures but should get you updated.

Sam all decked out in pumpkin gear. I got this sweat suit (it came with pants) for $1.50 brand new! She LOVES pumpkins so she thought it was sooo cool.

Well, I guess I did pass on one bad trait. She is NOSY! The lady next door was outside talking on the phone......she HAD to know what was going on so she was checking things out through the fence. She was so proud of herself because she found a knot in the wood that made a perfect peep hole. Little stinker.
We took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Halloween. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
I really didn't get many great pics.....they weren't the most willing participants.
The best I could get of the 3 of them.

I know this picture is small but it is a fantastic representation of Little Missy's attitude at the Pumpkin Patch.

This is the best picture I could get of the 2 of them. Like I said, it wasn't the best photo shoot : ) I think Sami is so tired of being my model.....not too much cooperation anymore.

She was so excited about petting a real horse!

She gave Baby Bop a hug and kiss!

We went to the Fall Festival at our church for Halloween. Pretty much all Sam wanted to do was jump in the bounce house! Doesn't she look cute...... even though she was unwilling to let me take her picture! There were a BUNCH of bees this year!

Our Little Sweet Pea

ya, Little Man was snoozin' during the Fall Festival....oh well

Josh bought Sami these shoes and she has wanted to wear her punkin shoes everywhere.

Such a cutie!
Ahhh, sweet sleep!

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