Saturday, December 27, 2008


To start Christmas off we went to my parents. We actually had everyone there! That means Mom & Dad, my grandparents, all four kids and their spouses and all 9 grandkids! It gets a little crazy! Sam always enjoys herself with all the kids! This was really the first Christmas that she got excited about the presents!

Here you see her ripping into her new kitchen. She was so excited to play with it after we got it together the next day that she didn't want to take a nap!

Oh my goodness......I laughed my bohiney off over this. Apparently you can "elf yourself" and Mom "elfed" her, Dad, my Granny & Papaw, and my brother Matt. It was hilarious!

As you can see, my grandparents really got a kick out of it! I think my grandma was a tad embarrassed! (I'll see if I can post it????)

My Mom made my niece Parker a nightgown and matching nightgowns for her dolls! I remember having a matching outfit with my Cabbage Patch!!!! She also made the doll on the right....sooo cute! (Isn't my Mom hot!)

Here is the picture of all 9 grandkids with Nini & Papa.....boy was that interesting.....turned out decent, all things considered!

Here you can see Sam whipping us up some eggs in her new kitchen after we got the 8 billion pieces put together!

Christmas Eve we went over to the in-laws. We had a little visit from Santa while there! Before my Grandpa had the strokes, he was Santa at NorthEast Mall and some city functions for years.......Mom & Dad decided to put the suit to good use this year. Dad put on the suit and made the rounds! It was ton of fun!
I'm glad I didn't take the kids to see Santa this year......this was as close as Sam was getting to that jolly old man and that was only because he was handing out gifts!

Of course Little Man sat up there.

Christmas morning was ours. We just let Sam open her stocking and the couple of gifts we got for her. It was fun to let her enjoy each present as she opened it rather than rushing through them just for the sake of getting them open!

This was right after she woke up! (I'm a sucker for yawns......they are just so stinkin' cute to me!)

Just after waking up he is still all smiles!

Josh playing Sam's new harmonica.....trying to teach her!

And Sam trying it out.......she never could blow hard enough for it to make noise......she certainly tried though.

How sweet......Sam feeding her brother her fake food!

Christmas afternoon we picked up Josh's grandmother and went out to Joey's. Levi got a little electric 4 wheeler that you see Sam driving here. There is a video on Josh's blog if you are interested. Personally it is waaaayyyy too long for me but Josh thinks it is soooo cool! It is a guy, Daddy thing I guess! I have to admit it was pretty cute watching them drive around and play together though. (Levi already had the little race car he is driving)

Josh has a new extension to his can see it here!

Sam was funny. After several times of me gasping and saying,"Oh boy" after she opened her gift, she caught on. She would do it every time she opened anything.....whether she knew what it was or not! It was quite humorous.

Spencer's spoils consisted of a new car seat, clothes, and a few toys! He seriously has everything already. The outfit Josh is holding up is his favorite!

It is pretty funny as a parent what little things make you happy. Sam got this AquaDoodle for Christmas and someone asked her to draw a circle. That is her circle you see on the bottom right corner of the mat.......isn't that awesome? I don't know if that is even good for her age but I was impressed! She has also been working on a isn't near as good as that circle but I'm sure it won't be long the way she is.

And there you have it my friends......697 pictures condensed for your viewing pleasure! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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