Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Gifts

Some of you are wondering what in the world I could have made for here goes it!

For the parentals I made birdseed wreaths......isn't watching birds something all old people like to do? Just kidding Mom& Dad!

My niece got a bow holder......empty, mind you. My plan was to make several bows and attach them but there wasn't time for all that.

My nephew got this cool crayon roll......the first pic is of it rolled up and ready to go and the second is in use.

My nephew also got this travel race track......little boys and their cars.

It has a small track......

A large track.......

And a place to store the cars.

He also got this "I SPY" bag. It has a bunch of little trinkets inside for them to find.....the list of everything in the bag is attached to the side.

I also made an "I SPY" bag for my niece and nephew on my side of the family for Mom to put in their stockings and made one to give at our Bible Study class party.

I painted two plates that have a verse and the kids names. These were for Josh's brother and SIL and the other for our Preschool minister and Sam's SS teacher (conveniently they happen to be married). I don't have a picture of these.....I will try to get one and post it.....I lost it in the crash.
In the midst of all this I was trying to work on our Advent garland......I also lost these pictures in the crash......and started making Jesse Tree ornaments but gave up until after the holidays.

I also made Sam a Christmas skirt......which she ended up wearing in our Christmas card pictures even though I thought it was super cheesy!

I still have so many other things I want to make but I am giving it a break while Josh is home. Aren't I sweet?

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