Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am a little frustrated right now because I had written a really long post and lost it all. I will try to get it all out again!

My computer has gone to be with Jesus! It is pretty sad. I am bummed because I lost all my pictures since Spence was born! I tried to back them up a few times unsuccessfully and now they are gone......tears.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday celebrating our saviors birth and hanging out with family! Josh is just happy to have me back after some serious crafting. I made all of the gifts we gave this year so I have been super busy getting it all busy in fact that Josh was ready to throw my crafts out the window. I am pleased that I was able to make everything this year (oh, except for the itunes gift card we got for my niece....and that was only because I messed up the case I was making her, we had to get something last minute) and I will try to post the stuff I made at some point.

I will try to catch up a bit from missing for so long but I really don't remember anything past this morning so I am just going by the pictures that I have!

I just adore this picture so I had to add it.......I wish there wasn't the shadow on the right side...oh well.

Here she got hold of a marker and went to town all over her hands, arms and face! Mom says it isn't payback until she colors all over the walls!

This is our Christmas tree. I am debating about when to take it down. I love it so. It isn't really all that pretty but I just like it sitting there glowing makes me happy! (do you like our 90's excersaucer? it works just fine but it makes me laugh when I think about the colors and the pattern of the seat! I am just grateful that it was given to us.)

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I painted this about 3 years ago and I absolutely LOVE it. (Can I say that?) I can't wait to get it out each year.....I feel like it really adds something's like a shout out to Jesus!

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Is this not the cutest picture? His new thing is to stick his fingers in his mouth and chew on them.

I LOVE this picture!

Here is my little goofus.....she was actually hammin' it up for the camera for once! (too bad she didn't have that leg down when I snapped the shot)

This is just a glimpse into the hilarity of our picture session! I knew it was going to be a joke but it HAD to be done. Here she is jumping like a frog in between Spencer's legs!

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Oh yes, this is one of Sam's favorite things to do. I give her a little water in a cup and she goes to town painting our door, which is covered in chalkboard paint.

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I will try to get pics of Christmas posted soon!


Kimberly said...

What happened to the computer? Did the hard drive crash? Jim said he will look at it if you want and see if any of the pictures can be recovered. We'll be back next week.

Reagan said...

Yes, it's the hard drive. I was able to pull everything but the pictures. Apparently something to do with the pictures is what caused the death of the hard drive. It kept giving me an error message when I tried to move them over. Now when I turn the computer on all I get is a white screen! Thankfully it did warn me ahead of time that it was going to crash so I was able to get all the other important stuff off! Let me know if/when Jim can help.....that would really be a lifesaver! Maybe ya'll can come over and I can hem pants while Jim gets my pictures : )

Kimberly said...

He said he thinks it's still savable. My mom is actually hemming the pants (gives her something to keep her awake). We'll look into it when we get back. Don't give up on the pics.

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