Friday, April 25, 2008

Our week

I'll just start off by saying that I did too much this past weekend and I have been paying for it. After you have been on "limited activity" for a while your confidence goes up in how much you can handle. I had been doing very well and was doing more than I had anticipated, so I figured I would do a little more. I suppose I got a little carried away with this line of thinking.

It is difficult when Josh is home because he has to be doing something all of the time and if he isn't, he is B-O-R-E-D! Obviously this creates a problem since I can't do much of anything. He wants to be home with me and be supportive but he gets close to pulling his hair out. I, in turn, feel guilty and want to do stuff with him so, this weekend, I did. Bad idea.

I have pretty much done nothing this week simply because I have felt pretty lousy. My poor mother has had to deal with us all week and is probably grateful for the weekend.

I had an OB appt on Wednesday, which was pretty pointless except that they did the FFN test again. I was supposed to receive the results today but they never called. I called twice and they still never called. I am frustrated to say the least. The receptionist is so incredibly rude and everyone seems to be totally unconcerned with the patients.....AAAHHHH!

I honestly want to change doctors.....I have had nothing but problems with this staff. The doctor is's just that the staff that is AWFUL! It makes me so stressed and that is the last thing I need right now. I don't know how wise it would be to change docs so late in the pregnancy, not to mention that I am high risk. Another concern is that I hated Harris HEB and that is where I have to deliver. Harris Downtown was SOOOOO much better AND Cook's is next door in case I did deliver early. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

I changed doctors this pregnancy because i was not happy with the doc.....unfortunately for me this time around, the staff there was AMAZING! All of the preterm stuff I had the first pregnancy actually seemed to be a concern for the nurses and that was nice since I had never been through that before. This time has been quite different and I think things would have been so much less stressful if someone just gave a flip. (sorry for the venting)

All of my doctor issues, along with watching the junk my grandfather has to deal with, I am convinced that we have just learned to accept the crappy medical care we receive and don't know what else to do because we obviously don't have the expertise needed to care for ourselves. I am close to going the natural route....but that will be a huge lifestyle change because I am not really familiar with that. I wish I had started out learning to care for myself with natural remedies but as I talked with my mother about it, she explained that was really looked down upon as we were growing up. I am so tired of doctors at this point and am just ready to try something different.

Please pray that I start feeling better and that I did not start something that my body can't control or that the docs cannot stop.

Oh ya.....Samara has adjusted to her "big girl" bed, but in her own way! We bought a toddler bed because we could not get her to sleep in the big bed in her room. We thought the toddler bed would be more like the crib and be a less difficult transition. After several nights of screaming herself to sleep and having TERRIBLE nights, we decided to put a gate up in the doorway of her room so that she could not get out (she can open doors now). After the first night with the gate, we went to check on her & she had put herself back to sleep in the big "big girl" bed! So, now she is sleeping in the double bed and things are GREAT! Guess she will always be one of those kids who has to do things her way or no way! Look out world! (don't know where she got the stubborness????)

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