Thursday, April 3, 2008

Freaking out the family!

Nothing much to report on the baby front today. They monitored me last night and today and didn't see any contractions happening, so that is GOOD!

Another day with a steady stream of people. Haven't had time to be bored yet. I got to see Samara this afternoon so that was wonderful. She seemed a little better with me today but is obviously very confused! I at least got a bye-bye hug and kiss today! (she also blew me a kiss on the way out)

AND a very funny.....or not so funny, depending on who you are......story about my mother and her craziness! I will start off by saying that she got some news last night that she will be having yet ANOTHER grandbaby.....#9! Apparently she was anxious to share the news and so she decided to send out an e-mail to my brothers that said "Baby #9 is on the way". Well, I don't know about you but, they didn't think twice about what number my baby is going to be for her. They immediatly assumed that I was going into labor! As you can imagine, that brought about a bit of panic. One of my brothers got off of work and was rushing to the hospital when he found out that this e-mail was not about me at all! And the other brother calls her and asks what is going on with me.....which was the first clue that she had obviously made a big boo boo! Way to go, MOM!

Here's another page that I worked on today:

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