Thursday, April 3, 2008



I guess you can see that it is going to be hard not to get my hopes up at this point.

Just received word that my FFN test came back negative! Not without a little drama and waiting of course. This is supposed to be a test with results in an hour.......they took the test around 4:30 and I am just now getting the results at midnight! The day shift nurse said that she checked before the end of her shift and the lab told her that they were going to have to repeat the test and then would have the results. What the heck did that mean???? Apparently if you had a positive test and then you come back negative they have to double check! It's pretty funny when God gets to confusing those doctors!

Night shift came in for meds around 9 and I was bugging her for them.......she said they still weren't back. I made her promise she would come and let me know as soon as she knew something. They all know at this point that I am dying for a negative result!

I was exhausted and ended up falling asleep early......which is a good thing since I haven't been sleeping very well (this is not the Hampton Inn, ok). Nurse came in around midnight for another dose of meds and I had to ask the girl AGAIN! They were back.....AAAHHHH.....I thought she was going to let me know as soon as she knew something. I guess it's ok because I was asleep anyway, BUT STILL!!!!! This stupid little test holds the fate of my future for the next several months and it happens to be pretty stinkin important to me!

Anyway.....NEGATIVE!!!!!! So now.....pray, pray, pray that the sono looks good on Saturday and that I will be able to head on outta here. I know that going home will present it's own set of challenges, but I am willing to face whatever challenges those might be to get to see my baby more than 30 minutes a day! That has been heartbreaking!

Tomorrow will likely be a VERY long day since I will just be waiting for Saturday to get here, but I will survive and I am certain that there will be an abundance of visitors and phone calls again.

Thank you all for your prayers.....I know this is the work of the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! This is great! I just can't imagine you sitting in that hospital for another 10 weeks or whatever. I will be praying for a great sono and a ticket out of there.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! What an answer to prayer. Thanks for the updates. The pics of Sam are great by the way. More prayers coming your way!

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