Saturday, April 19, 2008

Having been home and off of bed rest for over a week now, I feel like life is almost back to normal! I have still been taking it pretty easy but I am able to do things like see my grandfather who is in a nursing home as well as fulfill my CVS addiction!

I was able to attend church this past Sunday and it was fantastic! Unfortunately I had to give up my position teaching but was able to attend Sunday School for the first time since August! What a strange but wonderful experience. I have really missed the fellowship of my SMBS brothers and sisters, but have LOVED teaching and building all the new relationships that brought. I am going to miss my kids and their parents sooo much, not to mention my fellow workers.

Samara is doing well. She is having a difficult time transitioning into her "big girl" bed, but is slowly getting accustomed to the new room and new bed! She has been SUPER clingy to me, which is very unusual.....she is usually a Daddy's girl all the way! It has been sweet but it is still hard for me not to pick her up when she wants to love on me!

Mom has been coming over most days to do things around the house for us like washing, cleaning and making meals. She is a go getter and wears me out! She doesn't know how to take a break. I am so grateful for all she does and continues to do. This house would be a disaster if she hadn't come in and taken control. THANKS MOM!

I have an OB appt every 2 weeks for the next 6 weeks (at which point I will go every week). They will redo the FFN test each appt. Pray that these all come back negative! I believe that they will stop the medicine and quit doing the FFN test at 36 weeks. They deem a delivery "safe" at this point so there is no longer any need to keep it from happening.

Not much to report since life is back to normal, for the most part! Thank you all for your prayers!

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