Friday, March 26, 2010

The Stinkin' Heater

Well, we have been without heat for almost 2 weeks now. We were doing OK for the first 5 days or was only getting down to about 62 degrees at night although I wasn't getting much done because I just wanted to stay curled up on the couch covered in a blanket all day.....but we were definitely surviving.

Thank you Texas for totally messing that up! It started getting cooler, & even ended up SNOWING. I knew we weren't going to be able to stay there any longer when I saw that in the forecast. So last Wednesday we went & invaded Mom & Dad's. What an ordeal! You wouldn't believe how much junk you need!

Here is the crew watching TV on the air mattress one morning.

It is such a blessing to have family close. I know they get tired of us at times but really, we are so grateful!

We were/are trying to save money so that's why this is taking so long. First I had to wait on Josh to get home to see what the problem was. Then once he figured it out we had to wait on the part to come in. Once we got the part in, he put it on & there was ANOTHER error code. We now are waiting for that part(should be in today). Josh should be home this evening to hopefully put it on. Praying this will fix the problem & we can GO HOME!

Staying at my parents has been interesting! S3 is back to crying all the time so that has been especially fun for them! The big kids are sharing a room so that has brought about some challenges itself. & most of all we are making an enormous mess of their house! It has been a huge blessing to have somewhere to go but we are all tired & ready to be home!

This is so annoying.....I can NOT get this picture to be upright in is fine in my picture manager.....grr.....oh well, you get the idea.......

& another one for ya.....

Thank you Mom& Dad for putting up with the incessant screaming & crying! I know it can be maddening!

There are benefits to staying at grandma & grandpa' M&M's & Oreos! It has also been nice to have an extra hand at times!

Here are S1 & S2 playing together......I just love this picture!

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