Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally Introducing S3

How about starting this out by introducing the newest Martin family member,
He was born October 10 & weighed a whoppin' 6lbs 14oz. Thank you Lord for allowing me to carry small babies! I have friends who birth toddlers.....ummmm, no thank you!

He is the smilin'est, crankiest, Momma's boy in the whole world! He came out crying & really hasn't stopped. He is either smiling all over or screaming & crying.......quite the character! In fact he will even smile right in the middle of a tantrum!

(See, I told you he screams)

His sister loves him to pieces. She adored him from the minute she set eyes on him! She says, "I love you Saywer." "I love you too." How can you not love someone when you get to decide everything they say? It is so funny when she does that.

Spencer pretty much just ignored him for the first 4 months. Just recently has he started to take interest. He isn't near as interested as Sam but I think he will really enjoy him once he gets movin'.

Everyone thought he looked just like S1 for a long time but he is beginning to take on his own look. His personality is definitely more like S1 than S2. He is a pretty good night sleeper & a terrible day sleeper (could have something to do with the noise level in the house during the day). He hasn't gotten into any schedule yet which is just annoying. He likes to be entertained constantly. He has the sweetest most amazing smile that just moves throughout his entire body.

S3 has no doubt been the most challenging baby but he is still such an amazing joy! We are so blessed!

Here he is now!
5 months old

And here is just a glimpse of him smiling all over! It is precious!

More on the other two later......they are getting so stinkin' big!

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