Monday, March 22, 2010


So....we had an extended day at Mom's Touch this morning. One of my Mom friends was teaching another about the ins & outs of blogging. We got to talking about it & I realized how sad I am that I have missed so much of the kids lives over the past few months by not blogging.

I am determined to get back to blogging. I know that I had several people following the blog but more important than that, it is such a wonderful record of the kids lives. I remember nothing & this has been a place to record those things that I am certain the kids would want to know one day down the road.

Kimberly mentioned that I never finished my story (thanks for the reminder). I am sorry for leaving you hanging. I promise to finish my story over the course of the next several months.

I also mentioned that I had written Sawyer's birth story but it was obviously too late to post. Leslie assured me that it is not too late. She reminded me that it is about having the record.....not always about pleasing the readers. will also likely see Sawyer's birth story showing up in the near future.

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Hagen and Mason said...

I actually just came across your blog from your facebook profile. I need to add myself as a follower.
I'm glad I pressed upon you to continue. I love reading your birth stories!! Sawyer's birth story is crazy and I love that you shared it!! He will get to read that one day, so neat to think about that.
I still want a lesson on how to make my own cute template instead of taking it from one of the free template sites.

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