Thursday, February 25, 2010

God Makes Me Able

After writing my last post about not being SuperMom, I started feeling a bit guilty. That was a bad day & I was just feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of living up to the title that some had so gracefully molded me into.

I wanted to redeem my words by saying that everything I do, I do because God loves me and has equipped me to do the job He has guided me into. I don't want to take away from God's greatness by claiming that I am a horrible mother. God put me in the place I am in & God has given me the tools I need to succeed at that job. Sometimes I fail miserably at using those tools.....which is when I end up frustrated like I was the other day.

BUT, thankfully God has even given me tools for when I fail to use the tools he has given me for the job (hehe) : ) He has given me an incredibly amazing group of friends. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful, adorable, God fearing women (& men for that husband is my VERY best friend.....don't know what I'd do without him).

I don't ever want to forget that everything we do or don't do effects someone else in some way. Those who choose to encourage me when I am down make a huge difference. On the same note.....if there was no one to encourage me (& I have walked this road as well), life becomes pretty difficult & lonely. Don't ever give up a chance to make a difference in someones life.

Also, don't ever take away from God the glory he has in shining through the gifts he has given you. There is a fine line between humility & pride when it comes to acknowledging the gifts he has equipped you with. I think many times I cross that line of humility into the land of pride. When I should be saying, "Thank you, to God be the glory," many times my answer is, "Ya right, your crazy.....I'm not anything special." This is a form of pride that many fail to recognize. When I do not feel worthy of the compliments I am given, my mind should immediately run to God. I should be completely aware that when I am receiving those compliments that people are seeing God working through me & I should acknowledge his goodness, rather than sweeping the compliments away. I am totally weak & incapable without God.....these compliments should just remind me that God is THAT good & that he loves me enough to provide for me!

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