Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Prison Walls Have Fallen! & Summer Movies

34 weeks yesterday- I had a doctor's appt today (even though I went up there yesterday thinking it was then).

I am dialated to a 2.

She is taking me off the Procardia (curbs the contractions) in a week, at which time she is also lifting any restrictions on my activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited about this but am nervous about getting back into the routine; especially since I am so weak from being on bedrest. I actually had a semi-"normal" day yesterday and I was SOOO tired at the end of the day!

ALSO, please pray that the baby comes while Josh is in town. He travels every week but the week of June 16-21 he will be in Connecticut and there is a very good chance that if I were to go into labor while he is there; he would very likely NOT be able to make it home before I delivered.

I am so excited that I just might be able to take Sam to the zoo before the baby arrives. I haven't been able to take her yet and was SOO bummed that I wasn't going to get to before the baby came. YEAH!

I also wanted to let any of you with kiddos know about the FREE/$1 movies for kids this summer. Here are the links for any of you that are interested:

http://www.regmovie /familyfilmfesti valschedule. aspx?state= TX

http://www.ravemoti onpictures. com/specialty/ summermovies. html

http://www.amctheat movies.html

http://www.cinemark .com/summermovie clubhouse/ index.htm

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