Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trinity Park Train

With Daddy home & the weather nice we decided we would go do the Trinity Park train. It was a little windier than we had expected but everyone still had a great time. This is such inexpensive family fun.....love that!

On the way out there we picked up some fast food & had a little picnic in the back of the truck when we got there!
She finds a place to twirl anywhere she goes!
Daddy, Sam & Spence
Mommy & Sawyer
Mommy, Spence & Sam
The train

1 comment:

Roy said...

Looks like a great day. Couldn't help but laugh though. The last photo shows the "conductor with his arm and leg out hanging over the side...with the sign above his head warning you to "KEEP HEAD, ARMS, AND LEGS INSIDE COACH AT ALL TIMES!" Not too good an example for the kiddos......;

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