Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fire Station Tour

Monday we took a trip to the Hurst Fire Station on Pipeline for a tour & to see the firetrucks. A girl from our Mom's group organized the tour & the kids really enjoyed seeing & playing on the truck!

This is their dining table. One of the firefighters made it.....aren't the fire hydrants cool??

Here is their lounge area. There are eight of everything because there are always eight of them there at one time. I was so embarrassed because Spencer acted like he was in heaven, running around like a crazy man screaming & shouting with joy as he spun the chairs around & around!
Spencer is showing Mommy the firetruck.
And the kids got a kick out of playing on the pole.
Checkin' out the truck.
Spencer thought getting in & out of the truck was so much fun. This poor firefighter was such a good sport. He got so tired of getting him in & out that he finally just picked him up & held him. For those of you wondering why I was the mother that let my kid be so annoying, it was because I was wearing Sawyer & I wasn't able to pick him up & restrain him.....not a good excuse but reality.
Spencer enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with the flag!

My cuties!

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