Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Not-So-Super SuperMom

I would like to make a public announcement: I am not SuperMom! For those who could be accused of calling me such, I would like to give you a little dose of reality. Let's take the past 24 hours as an example......oh & let's add the night before since it is so glamorous as well.

First off.....Sam has been completely potty trained for over a year now. In the past week she has started peeing on the floor.

Night before last: Bathed the kids.....I do all three at the same time. As we got out, Sawyer was screaming so I was trying to tend to him & get him dressed while the other two ran around the house naked. Sam screams, "I'm dooone," which means she needs me to wipe her behind. While I am doing so she says, "I pooped on the floor." To which I reply, "I really hope your kidding." "Nope, I did it in your room." So I go check & can't find anything. "Where Sami?" As Madi walks by licking her lips Sam says, "I can't find it Mommy!" GAG! So I went looking for the carpet cleaner & returned to my room to find Spencer standing there playing in poop. He too pooped on my floor. It's fair to say that I was frustrated.

Not long after I got all that cleaned up & got them dressed I heard Spencer screaming. I went looking for him & found him in my shower slipping & sliding, not able to stand up & get out. Both kids had apparently gotten in our shower & squeezed out all the bottles of lotion & shampoo. Another change of clothes & it is time for them to go to bed.

A funny side note......After I got them down I went into the kitchen to clean up & do some things before bed. I went off to bed & as I got to my room I found Spencer asleep in the playpen next to my bed, which I have set up for Sawyer's naps. After putting him back to bed I went to check on Sam. She had pulled her pillow & covers off her bed & into her closet & was asleep in there!
So happy to finally be spending some time with the Lord & going to sleep!

OK, fast forward to yesterday...... Sawyer woke up at 4:45 wanting to eat which is just late enough that Spencer will wake before Sawyer goes back to sleep. Spencer woke at 6:15 & Sam about 6:30. Nothing special on the agenda for the day.....just hanging out hoping to get some housework done. I noticed early on that Sawyer was starting to get cranky & wouldn't eat or sleep very well. I was having to hold him constantly but that wasn't enough, I also had to be STANDING.....he must have a tummy ache or something. Makes for a long frustrating day. Tuesday nights are the only nights I watch TV.....The Biggest Loser. I put the kids in my room to watch a movie & to get a little peace & watch my show.

I went to check on them periodically & the last time I went in I noticed Sam tossing wipes in the air. "What are you doing Samara?" "Oh, I just changed Bubby's diaper. He had on a poopy." I seriously thought she was kidding. We have been having trouble with her taking his diaper off because "he tee tee'd in it" so I was not happy with her. I really thought she was "pretending" but then I saw his naked booty. I still thought she was pretending about it being poopy until I went to pick up the diaper. WOW! Oh, I was so irritated. I sent her off to bed for the night. When I went back in a few short minutes to put a diaper on her she informed me that she had just peed on one of her toys. Can I please wave the white flag?????

I finally crashed around 10. Some time after that I vaguely remember Sam coming in asking if she could sleep in my room & me telling her to go to bed. About 12:45 I was awakened by Sawyer's cries.... I can't recall the last time he woke up in the middle of the night. As I went to get him I realized that Sam had crawled up into our bed & gone to sleep anyway. I couldn't get Sawyer to calm down & go back to sleep so I tried to feed him. While he was screaming he woke Spencer but by the time he came into our room I was already feeding Sawyer so I couldn't put Spence back to bed. I threw him up into our bed & he fell asleep. I got Sawyer fed, changed & back to sleep in the playpen next to the bed. That means all 3 kiddos in my room by 1 am. Lovely. Sawyer woke again about 5. He woke Samara in the process & she had no desire to go back to sleep. Spencer woke at 5:30. Another early morning & no relief from Sawyer's crankiness or Samara peeing on the floor. I woke up in a bad mood & it has just made the day a great challenge.

I try to rest in the Lord & find strength in Him to flourish as a Mother but sometimes I seem only to find enough strength to simply survive this overwhelming season.

I am not SuperMom!

Being a SuperMom is glamorous. A SuperMom does not get overwhelmed by the everyday circumstances of life. A SuperMom does not feel like her life is always a bit chaotic. A SuperMom does not get frustrated & lose her temper. A SuperMom has a tidy home. A SuperMom would not be selfish & would never gripe about the wonderful job God has provided for her husband. A SuperMom has her children under complete control. A SuperMom wouldn't put her kids in her bed to watch a movie to get a little peace & to watch TV. A SuperMom would run all her errands with all 3 kids. A SuperMom can give all her children all the attention they need. A SuperMom does more than just survive. A SuperMom would never want to give up!



Anonymous said...

This is probably the first of your posts that I am going to TOTALLY disagree with. If you are alive and your children are all alive and well after those two nights, I would say you are doing a GREAT job! A super mom chooses to keep going even when she is dying to quit. A super mom deals with messy and ugly situations even though she wants to ignore it or run away. A super mom prays for help. A super mom loves her kids even when they are crying, making messes or pooping/peeing on the floor. A super mom wakes up every day and tries again, even when she is thoroughly exhausted. You, my love, ARE a supermom.
Besides that, I have seen you at church on time, dressed, makeup on, hair fixed, all three kids looking adorable, clean and fed. That even happens some weekends when you don't have a husband at home. Need I go on???

Misty Jassey

Amanda Watts said...

Based on your definition there us no supermom. We are all just normal moms beating ourselves up for trying to keep our sanity! And I guarantee you most moms are doing the same things :) you've got 3 very young kiddos and you're a champ!

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