Sunday, February 20, 2011

The BIG one!


Seriously......I can't imagine another birthday being as depressing as this one.  Ya ya's just a number.......You're only as old as you act.....blah blah blah.  None of that means squat when you are facing the big 3-0!  I just can't believe it's here.  It makes me feel all grown up.  Like a real adult.  You would think having 4 kids would have taken care of that but it just hasn't.  Sometimes I wake up & think, "am I really in charge of all these kids?  Like, to not just take care of them but teach them about Jesus, & life & character & all that other important stuff?  I always remember people like that having it all together & being so mature."  Just doesn't feel real sometimes.

And then reality hits me like a freight train when I look in the mirror & see that gravity has already left its pretty little imprint on my body.  THIS my dear friends is not a happy realization.  But, I then remind myself that beauty is fleeting & a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  And I am able to rejoice once again!

I feel so blessed, at the age of 30, to have all that I do.  To God be the glory!

I attended The Great Marriage Experience this weekend at my church.  It was good......but even before I have had much time to process all that was taught, it was such a huge affirmation of where God has taken Josh & I over the past 7 years. 

I think it would be safe to tell you that Josh & I had a very rocky first 5 years of marriage.  There were several instances where I honestly didn't think the marriage was going to make it.  Close family & my best friends could certainly testify to the fact that we did not have a "good" marriage. 

Thankfully, the bad has turned to good as a supernatural transformation of our marriage has taken place.  I was AMAZED when the speakers went through things that we should be doing to have a great, lasting marriage & we were already doing SOOO many of them.  God has sooo blessed our marriage & I am just so grateful for a wonderful, teachable, loving husband who has humbled his heart before the Lord.

On my 30th birthday I will celebrate a wonderful marriage & an amazing husband.  I will celebrate 4 incredible children who fill my life with joy.  I will celebrate awesome parents who have been such a HUGE blessing in my life & to whom I am so grateful for the example of perseverance. I will celebrate a group of friends that I can share my heart with & do life with.  And finally, and most importantly I will celebrate the fact that 10 years ago Christ came into my life & turned it upside down & inside out & that he now resides in my heart & is Lord over my life!  Hallelujah!

I am truly truly blessed on this 30th birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

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Brenners said...

Happy Birthday! I so hear ya on the "welcome to the 30's" realization. I turned 30 the day my 3rd child was born. I thought I'd eventually get used to the idea of bein in my 30s... but I just haven't. I still feel so old when I stop and think about my age. I mean seriously, it's like you're young and still growing up until you hit 30. Then there's not platuea... it's just downhill from there. You're just plain old. lol.

And when I think abou the fact that I have four kids that are MY OWN, I just feel incredibly... well, like an adult. Like I'm in the "uncool cause you're just a middle aged mom" group. Sigh.

I'm prasing God with you for your strong marriage. You may have noticed I have eluded to a very painful time about 2 years ago... that was due to a huge "trip and fall" in our marriage. We can only contribute our great marriage now to God's sovereignty and love. Only He can bring such repentence, forgiveness, and healing.

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