Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little better!

Well, the week hasn't seemed to get a whole lot better but my attidude certainly has : )

Tuesday and Wednesday Sam stayed home with me because she wasn't feeling well. Today was her first day back and she seemed excited to be going to school and playing with her new friends. Unprovoked by me, she prayed for and thanked God for her new friends all this week! Hopefully I will find a happy child when I pick her up!

Yesterday, I wasn't able to keep my eyes open, my head was pounding, I kept getting the chills and just felt YUCKY! Ya, I'm pretty sure I've got the flu! Thank goodness for WONDERFUL kids who basically kept themselves entertained all day! Mom came and stayed last night to get the kids a bath and feed Spence in the middle of the night! Thanks Mom!

My grandpa is home from the hospital.....YAY!

I am officially starting work on Monday!

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