Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I feel like that's the best way to describe all that has taken place in the Martin household over the past 6 months.

It is like big thing after big thing.  It's so crazy to seriously feel like things are so chaotic, yet still be so at peace.  Things don't SEEM so crazy to me until I sit down to tell someone about everything & then it all just sounds so ridiculous!  There is only ONE reason for that.  The phrase that God had me write on my bathroom mirror when I was pregnant with Sawyer.....it still remains.....Where God guides, He provides!!!!

So, what's the latest goings on with us? 

As most of you know, I am on strict bedrest with bathroom only privileges.  Somehow I thought I'd scoot by it this time.  We had a great plan in place of doing the FFN every 2 weeks but they just grew more & more concerned as time passed & my contractions grew stronger, more consistent & closer together.  So I was sent to a paranatologist (high risk doctor).  They did a sono & nothing seemed WAY out of whack.  My cervix was a little short but with my history it wasn't a huge concern.  They scheduled me for an appt 2 weeks later & ended up not liking what they saw at that time.  The 1st appt my cervix was measuring 2.6 with pressure & 2 weeks later it was measuring at 1.6 without pressure.  Apparently this is quite a significant change so she placed me on bedrest until 36 weeks. ( I am at 34 weeks right now)

In the middle of all that mess I got that nasty stomach bug that almost everyone I know ended up getting (including ALL 5 of us) & ended up in the hospital getting pumped with 3 bags of fluid because I was SOOOO dehydrated!  Thankfully I just had to stay long enough for them to get the fluid in me.....no overnight stay.....WOOHOO!

I am BEYOND blessed and SOO thankful for all of my amazing friends & family that have just stepped right up & helped me during this frustrating & difficult time.  My Mom has been staying at our house during the week while Josh is gone so that I can have help with the kids.  Seriously.....how awesome is that?  I am blessed!  After posting about bedrest on FB I had lots of offers of people bringing us food.  So far we have had someone bring something every night except on the weekends & have a full schedule at least through next Tuesday!  Amazing.....REALLY!  It has been SOOO helpful.  My Mom gets tired after chasing kids around, house cleaning & running errands all day so to not have to worry about dinner is HUGE! 

A MUCHO, MASSIVE, WAY HUGE thank you to all who have helped us out!

I want to dedicate a post for each of the ridiculous events that have taken place over the past several months so be sure to check back for some exciting adventures.........HA!

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