Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Little Hospital Visit!

OK, so last week when I went to the doctor he told me that he would like for me to change to the terbutaline pump since I was still having contractions. When he saw that my cervix hadn't changed, he told me that I could just call him if the contractions continued and we would deal with it then.

The contractions continued.

When Mom came over yesterday she asked how the contractions were and when I told her that they weren't any better, she convinced me to call the doctor. His response was NOT what I was expecting! I really expected that he would just send someone out to set up the pump. Instead he sent me to the hospital.

I got to the hospital about 12:30. They put me on the monitor and saw that I was having 7-8 contractions every 30 minutes and thought that was too many. They also checked me and noticed I was dilated to a 1. They aren't too concerned about the dilation because the doc says that some women are just that way. (I am probably one of those women considering I have been dilated to a 4-5 by the time I went in to deliver with my previous pregnancies). Regardless, they weren't happy with the contractions.

The doc recommended that I have the terb pump set up at the hospital. The company that does the pumps was taking forever and my contractions weren't getting any better so the doc ordered a terb shot and 23 hours of observation. Ugh....that meant a nights stay at the hospital.

We found out this morning that my insurance company denied the pump. The doc was not satisfied with that response so he did a sono. The sono showed funneling in my cervix, which in turn means that my cervix has shortened and he also saw a contraction. He documented these things, printed out pictures and resubmitted the request for the pump to the insurance company.

We are still waiting for the response......which means another night in the hospital! POO!

Mom has had the kids and thankfully J will be home late tonight.

Praying that the insurance will approve the pump, they will get it set up and I will get out of here tomorrow! In the meantime I am taking the terbutaline orally and spending a lot of time reading! (and starving......the food is HORRIBLE)

Thank you to everyone who is helping out and praying for us!

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