Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 3rd Pregnancy.....

doesn't exist. Maybe it's just because my kids are so close but I don't have time to think about being pregnant!

For those of you who don't know this, I HATED being pregnant with the other 2...... like, despised it.......couldn't wait for the day I could get those kiddos outta there. Why?

1) there are too many things that happen to your body that are just flat uncomfortable (some unmentionables, some things like feet in your ribs)
2) your emotions are just RIDICULOUS
3) you get fat
4) nothing you wear looks cute and when you get really big, nothing is long enough to cover your protruding belly
5) you are TIRED.....all the stinkin' time
6) but you really can't sleep because you're either uncomfortable or HOT
7) and most of all for me it is because they are invading MY SPACE!!!!

All of that said, I have actually been able to enjoy this pregnancy because

1) you aren't sure if the things that are so uncomfortable are just leftovers from the last pregnancies
2) well, the emotions are still annoying
3) now you have an excuse for the fat you already had
4) nothing you wore before the pregnancy was cute anyway because you used all that money on making sure your kids look cute
5) you're already tired all the time from the other 2 kids
6) but you can't really sleep anyway since they don't sleep through the night or take up half of your bed
7) space? what space? toddlers just don't understand the concept of space.

and there you have it.

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